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Self and peer assessment

How to get started with FeedbackFruits

Deakin’s supported self and peer assessment (SPA) tool suite, integrated with CloudDeakin, is FeedbackFruits. There are primarily three plugins available that support SPA within FeedbackFruits. This page gives you an overview of how to get started using the tools.

Peer review

Where students hand in work which they can both self-assess and assess the work of their peers.

For teachers

Watch the video ‘FeedbackFruits Peer Review: How-To’

For students:

  • How to upload your work in a Peer Review assignment guide.
  • Providing peer feedback guide.
  • Reading and reflecting on received feedback guide.

Group member evaluation

Where students assess their own and their peers’ skills and contribution in group/team work.

For teachers:

  • The intro video.
  • Setting up Group Member Evaluation guide.

For students:

Interactive study materials

Teaching staff need to be mindful of copyright requirements when using the interactive study materials. Consult the Licensing Study Materials for FeedbackFruits SharePoint site and submit a request to use materials before creating an interactive study module.

The following guides will help you with the use of interactive study materials:

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