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What are others doing?

Microsoft Teams is evolving in the Higher Education space as we continue to promote work integrated learning. The following examples demonstrate different ways in which Microsoft Teams is being used in Education.

USE CASE – Dr David Kellerman with Microsoft Teams at UNSW

See how Dr David Kellerman from University of NSW implemented Microsoft Teams in an Engineering cohort of 5000 students with on and off campus students. He explains the purpose of choosing Microsoft Teams and the impact it has had on his teaching and students.

Watch how he has implemented Microsoft Teams.

USE CASE  – Esam Baboukhan using Microsoft Teams for accessibility at the City of Westminister College

The City of Westminister College uses technology to ensure students have the necessary skills to succeed in future jobs. They implemented Microsoft Teams to make it seamless for students to collaborate on projects. Communicate with peers easily, connect with the teacher, and have a conversation in real-time.

Watch eLearning Manager, Esam Baboukhan explain how Microsoft Teams has made his classroom more inclusive and enabled all of his students to connect.

USE CASE  – Watch Dr Timothy Ponce enhance communication at University of Texas 

Dr Timothy Ponce is a Professor of English where some of his students were struggling with their coursework and didn’t reach out to him or their peers for help. Although there were multiple communication channels available, he wanted to reduce the number of tools that the students were accessing so he introduced Microsoft Teams.

Watch him explain what he did and the impact it had on his students here.

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