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Overview of MS Teams

What are the key features of Microsoft Teams?

Getting to know the Microsoft Teams canvas?

Know the basics but want to know more about the activity feed and notifications? Use this section to explore the Microsoft Teams canvas a little more.

  • Explore your activity feed – to find a summary of everything that’s happened in the Teams you are a part of will appear in this feed. Find out what all the different symbols mean.
  • Overview of notifications – the six things you need to know about managing notifications in your Teams.
  • Personalise your notifications – check your settings for your notifications and personalise your space.
  • Pin a Team or Channel – want to prioritise your workspace; use this to pin a team or channel.
  • Use the search function – can’t find an old message, or chat? Use the search function to find them.
  • Tips and tricks – six key things you need to know including tips on chat, formatting, and searching and hiding messages.
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