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Embedding Mentimeter into your presentation

How do plug-ins work in Mentimeter? 

PowerPoint plugin and integrations

You can either upload your PowerPoint presentation into Mentimeter (recommended) or upload Mentimeter into your PowerPoint presentation.

HINT: there can be some lag time when integrating Mentimeter into PowerPoint so it is recommended that you keep Mentimeter open and Alt + Tab between screens.

How to import a presentation? 

Link: How to import a presentation  

Mentimeter can also be used as presentation tool so instead of embedding Mentimeter into PowerPoint, why not embed your PowerPoint into Mentimeter? 

Please note: this works best if there are no animations so if you have a basic presentation, why not use Mentimeter as a presentation tool and embed the digital polling throughout.

This resource outlines how you can upload your PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides presentation to Mentimeter.

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