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Deakin Teaching Capability Framework

Using the framework

How is the framework structured?

The framework consists of four professional domains – design, deliver, enable, and lead. You can choose the domain that is most relevant for your role, keeping in mind, that many of us work across a range of these domains.

For each professional domain, a range of central capacities are considered. The framework describes typical ways that each central capacity would be demonstrated, contextualised to our vision of teaching and learning at Deakin. For each professional domain there are five Areas of Activity, six types of Core Knowledge and four Professional Values.

What can I use the framework for?

For individuals

Aligning your practice to the Teaching Capability Framework will assist you to:

  • understand the areas of activity, core knowledge and professional values that are important for Deakin staff
  • reflect on your current teaching and learning practice and identify strengths and capabilities that could be further developed
  • identify suitable professional learning activities to build your capability
  • use as a starting point for conversations about professional learning and career development as part of your DeakinAchieve
  • identify areas of practice that you can use as evidence in applications for recognition and reward such as promotion, awards and HE Fellowships.

For leaders in learning and teaching

 You can use the Teaching Capability Framework in your leadership of teaching and learning to:

  • provide a basis for conversations about learning and teaching practice at a course/faculty/University level
  • reflect on the strengths of your team’s current teaching and learning capabilities at a course/faculty/University level
  • inform the design of professional learning activities to build capability at a course/faculty/University level 
  • identify areas of practice that can be used as evidence in applications for awards by teaching teams.

Creating a teaching evidence portfolio with PebblePad

You can create a teaching evidence portfolio using PebblePad to support any of the uses of the Teaching Capability Framework.

How to create your own teaching evidence portfolio

  • Navigate to PebblePad Teaching Evidence Portfolio
  • Select ‘Deakin University’ from the drop-down menu
  • Select ’I have a Deakin staff/student account’
  • Sign in using SSO to access your portfolio

When you save your portfolio for the first time, you will have created a copy in your Assets. Go to the ‘Getting started’ and ‘Introduction to your portfolio’ tabs in the portfolio to find out more about using it.


The Central Capacities


The areas of activity are the core activities we undertake as professionals in higher education – what we do.

A1 designing units and courses,

A2 teaching and supporting learning,

A3 assessing and giving feedback,

A4a providing effective learning environments and A4b supporting students

A5 undertaking scholarly teaching activities including professional learning


The core knowledges are things we need to know in order to be able to undertake these activities – what we need to know.

K1 knowledge of the discipline

K2 how to teach effectively (pedagogy)

K3 how students learn

K4 how to use technology effectively in learning

K5 how to evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching

K6 the importance of quality assurance and quality control


The professional values should be demonstrated in our teaching practice -how we act.

V1 respect diverse learners

V2 promote participation and equality

V3 use evidence-informed approaches

V4 acknowledge the wider higher education context

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