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Deakin Teaching Capability Framework

DeakinHE Fellowships

Using the framework for recognition through the DeakinHE Fellowship program

The Teaching Capability Framework can be used to support teaching teams in the development of an application for a DeakinHE Fellowship. The Teaching Capability Framework has been aligned with the Professional Standards Framework (PSF), an internationally recognised framework for benchmarking teaching and learning support within higher education, with recognition for staff through the UK based HEA Fellowship scheme. In order to contextualise the PSF for Deakin, it has been aligned against:

  • The four key aspects of the Deakin Curriculum Framework are: Expectations, Evidence, Experience and Enhancement. Deakin courses align these four aspects to create integrated and coherent learning in a partnership between teaching teams, students and industry.
  • The Deakin Principles for Premium Teaching and Learning, a set of principles which describe Deakin’s aspirations for student learning.

Applicants can use the relevant domain of the Teaching Capability Framework to identify areas of practice that can be used as evidence in applications for DeakinHE Fellowships.

Deakin offers its own accredited Fellowship program based on this contextualised version of the PSF. Academic and Professional staff are invited to obtain recognition through this fellowship program at the Associate Fellow, Fellow or Senior Fellow category. Principal Fellows are available through direct application to AdvanceHE.

Application for fellowship is through a reflective practice pathway, in which applicants are supported to write about their teaching and learning support practice against each of the capacities of the framework and the dimensions of the PSF.

The GradCertHELT has also been accredited with AdvanceHE. All Deakin staff who successfully complete the program and can demonstrate their teaching and learning support practice in Higher Education will achieve DeakinHE Fellowship. The Teaching Capability Framework was used to develop the content within the GradCertHELT, to ensure that participants in the program have the opportunity to engage with all the areas of activity, gain appropriate knowledge and demonstrate professional values within their practice.

Find out more about DeakinHE Fellowships at the Teaching and Learning Hub (Deakin staff only)

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