Sessional staff modules

1. Log into CloudDeakin.
2. Either navigate to the ‘Self-Registration’ menu on the right-hand side or click the registration button above.
3. Next to Course ‘PS_284-SCH_13_D‘ click on the text ‘Sessional Staff Professional Learning Modules‘ text.
4. On the next screen you will have an option to register – click register.
5. In your course dashboard at the top of CloudDeakin you can now enter the Sessional Staff Professional Learning Modules.

Sessional module Teaching tips

Teaching Essentials

In this module, we focus on active, student-centred teaching strategies.


Tip 1: Use questioning techniques for specific types of thinking


Teaching your first class in a new Unit

This module looks at how you can plan your teaching in a new unit, including icebreaker ideas and practical advice.


Tip 2: Stand in the students’ shoes


Feedback for learning

This section shows how feedback plays a key role in supporting learning and influencing students’ engagement

Tip 3: Use formative assessment to guide students along the learning journey

Teaching in the Cloud

In this module we will look at how to facilitate learning in the Cloud.


Tip 4: Get to know what technologies are supported by Deakin


Academic Integrity

This module suggests ways you can help students learn about academic integrity.

 Tip 5: Show students the difference between paraphrasing and plagiarism

Designing collaborative learning activities

In this module we look at how to structure collaborative tasks and how to form work groups.

 Tip 6: Understand the purposes of various group formation techniques

Teaching Diverse Learners

This module looks at student diversity as a strength for learning, explains perceptions about diversity and how we can design activities that are accessible.

 Tip 7: Language is extremely powerful; use a strengths-based approach in your teacher voice