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DTeach is Deakin University’s hub for innovation in higher education teaching practice.

Request for changes to an existing page  


We’ll always do our best to complete your request as soon as possible, but to help the process run smoothly it’d be great if you could keep the following points in mind.

  • We work towards completing existing page request changes within 5 business days of the submitted request. Smaller requests, like simple text edits, are usually completed well within this timeframe.
  • Once your form has been received and a person has been assigned to your request, you can expect a message with an estimated completion time shortly after.
  • If your request is time sensitive, please submit it well in advance of your deadline. A reasonable time frame allows us to process requests efficiently.
  • If your request is genuinely urgent, let us know the context of the urgency and we will do our best to prioritise.
  • We might send a follow-up email if more information is required from the brief, which may result in a longer turnaround.

General guidelines 

  • Written content must follow Deakin’s editorial and tone of voice guidelines.
  • Before we can add a video to a page, you’ll need to make sure it’s been uploaded to DeakinAir and that it meets accessibility guidelines, preferably including captions. 
  • If providing images, where these images feature people a photography consent form needs to be signed to use these images publicly.
  • Downloadable resources such as PDFs must conform to Deakin’s digital accessibility standards. Use of Word documents is not recommended.

The more context and detail you can give us, the better we can make your changes. Please provide details on all the changes you’d like made to the page, making sure to include:

  • Specific changes to text
  • URLs for other pages you want to link to
  • Any images or other media to include
  • References or sources for data cited if applicable


  • Complete the request form.
  • Upload a Word document, please mark up your changes or additions using the track changes function. You can also use formatting such as highlighting and strike-throughs or comments to show where content needs to be added, changed or removed. 
  • Feel free to include any extra attachments when you submit the request form.

Request form

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