The ‘professionalisation’ of university teaching has been a key driver for universities to induct for teaching and learning. These programs usually reflect a conception of teaching as a blend of reflective investigation of student learning, self-learning and organisational socialisation.

At Deakin, teachers need to understand active learning, collaborative learning, teaching in the Cloud, and how to embed the Principles for premium learning.

Deakin’s faculties have developed comprehensive learning and teaching inductions, which have a SoTL element and strongly reflect the Deakin Principles for Premium Learning and Teaching.

In 2019 DLF will partner with them and with Human Resources to further support a OneDeakin approach to teaching capability, by developing ‘nested’ central and faculty level learning and teaching inductions. Staff new to Deakin can then be will supported through participating in complementary central and faculty based inductions.

A central induction program can align with and introduce the Deakin Graduate Certificate of Higher Education Learning and Teaching and Deakins Higher Education Academy (HEA) fellowship scheme.

The project has several stages. A review of Australian University’s induction programs and scan of practice at Deakin will be leveraged to explore further which aspects of induction can be delivered centrally and those that are best delivered from within faculties and disciplines.

A first codesign session with faculty learning and teaching leaders is happening soon. A trial central program will run over Trimester 2. It will be then be evaluated and revised, ready for a second run in T3, 2019. Support materials will later be developed onDTeach.

If you are interested in contributing feedback or providing input into the process for this project then please contact:
Dr Lisa Milne.