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A student putting on a pair of headphones, a laptop on their lap. They are sitting outside, surrounded by trees.

27 June 2022

Student Success 2023 Special Issue – Call for Papers

Student wellbeing as an important contributor to success has been explored across multiple dimensions including emotional wellbeing (Baik et al., 2019), financial wellbeing (Grant-Smith & de Zwaan 2019), psychological wellbeing and distress (Brooker & Woodyatt 2019), and in relation to transitions into higher education (van der Zanden et al., 2018). The impact of educator wellbeing on student success is emerging as a critical area requiring more research and is the focus of the 2023 special issue of the Student Success Journal.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Full papers due: 30 November 2022

(Note: submissions will be sent for review immediately following editorial review for suitability).

Learn more about Student Success 2023 Special Issue – Call for Papers.


Date:30 November 2022
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