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21 July 2022

CRADLE Seminar Series Programmatic assessment hype or necessary development?

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Please note that this event has expired.

Programmatic assessment has gained popularity rapidly. That begs the question whether it is really a necessary development and an improvement to existing practices or just a fad that will disappear as rapidly as it has come. Whether programmatic assessment is the answer to the many problems with traditional assessment in modern education remains to be seen. It is certainly not a single method or a silver bullet, but it is a set of principles underlying assessment design. These principles seek to make assessment more meaningful for the provision of feedback and more credible in the support of high-stakes decisions.

Programmatic assessment is therefore not the same as assessment for learning, but the two have some logical links. In this presentation, Professor Lambert Schuwirth from Flinders University will explore how programmatic assessment addresses some of the major concerns with traditional assessments and how it therefore aligns better with current views on education.

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9 August 2022
Online event


Date:9 August 2022
Time:2pm – 3.30pm AEDT
Event category:Open event
Organiser:Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning


Venue name:Online
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