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DeakinDesign Seeding Grants 2022

The DeakinDesign Seeding Grants support the ongoing evolution of teaching practice at Deakin. The seeding grants are awarded to initiatives that align to our DeakinDesign principles and practices and that will have a strong impact on the student experience.

There are two types of grants that have been awarded, a transition grant for small scale initiatives at the unit level, and a transformation grant of for large scale initiatives with a novel application of the DeakinDesign principles, for example at a course level or suite of units.

DeakinDesign Seeding Grants recipients

In 2022 we are excited to announce the following awardees of DeakinDesign Seeding Grants:

Faculty of Arts and Education

  • Dr Matt Thomas and Dr Nicole Downes: Won’t somebody please think of the children?
  • Dr Sian Mitchell and Dr Lienors Torre: Reimaging the Film, Television and Animation Curriculum through Virtual Production.
  • Dr Erin Hawley: Empowering students as co-creators of online learning resources to ensure diversity and inclusivity in ACX701 Communication Concepts.
  • Dr Helen Young: Improving student engagement in the Master of Arts (Writing and Literature) through digital technologies.
  • Dr Mark A. Wood: Developing a more inclusive and diverse criminology curriculum: A diversity audit of the Bachelor of Criminology’s reading lists.
  • Naomi David and Dr Virginia Kinnear: Enhancing student engagement and retention through integrated teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Dr George Aranda and Dr Kate Johnstone: Digital Technologies in Education.
  • Dr Jessamy Gleeson and Professor Gabrielle Fletcher: Centering Indigenous knowledges in curriculum design through the relational principle.
  • Kate Moncrieff and Dr Cassandra Iannucci: A Roadmap to a Health-ier BHPE.

Faculty of Business and Law

  • Dr Nicole Siller: Deakin and Associates: Integrating simulation-based unit design and instruction in the capstone unit.
  • Tom Keel: MMP219 – Sustainable Property Construction, a new unit in the Property and Real Estate (PRE) degree.
  • Dr Emilia Bellucci: Enhancing student engagement in undergraduate business and technology ethics.
  • Dr Justine Ferrer and Professor Amanda Pyman: Real world learning: Triangulated authenticity through curriculum co-design with industry and students.
  • Dr Rakesh Pati: Decolonizing Deakin Units – Developing Australian Cases.

Faculty of Health

  • Nicki Hartney: Course wide revision and digitisation of an authentic longitudinal virtual midwifery caseload of women.
  • Claire Crossfield: Interactive branching scenario simulated learning.
  • Associate Professor Jade Sheen: Supporting course-wide integration of the Deakin Psychology Virtual Clinic.
  • Dr Liza Raymond: Enhancing feedback focused laboratory-based learning experiences through student partnership.
  • Lucy Ainge and Hayley Birch: Curriculum development of novel eLearning templates utilizing simulated case studies and situational feedback to support development of patient-centered reasoning skills in pharmacology.
  • Kellie Britt and Dr Debbie Baldi: Inclusive digital resources for enhanced teaching of clinical communication, examination and procedural skills.
  • Associate Professor Genevieve Pepin and Valerie Watchorn: Evidence-based practice is not a dirty word.

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment (SEBE)

  • Associate Professor Andrew Cain and Associate Professor Julien Ugon: An onboarding program for first trimester students in the School of IT.
  • Dr Desley Whisson: Course-wide curriculum enhancement to develop students’ GIS skills for careers in environmental science.
  • Associate Professor Thuong Hoang: MetaCloud Innovation.
  • Dr Nateque Mahmood and Associate Professor Siva Krishnan: Course Site Redevelopment – Supporting students’ employability.
  • Dr Prue Francis and Dr Trish Corbett: Keep calm and try again: implementing a course-wide feedback assessment in a marine science course through perfecting the scientific report.
  • Dr Sophie McKenzie and Associate Professor Sharon La Fontaine: Development of innovative and integrated staff resources to support career development learning (CDL) embedded across courses in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment.
  • Dr Akari Nakai Kidd and Dr Angela Kreutz: Developing meaningful content and student experience for ‘Indigenous Narratives and Design Processes’ (Master of Architecture core unit).
  • Dr Adam Cardilini and Dr Prue Francis: Integrating VR Learning Experiences across LES Courses.
  • Lana van Galen: Consistency, Cohesion and Alignment of Assessment across (undergraduate) Architectural Design Units.
  • Dr Sunil Aryal and Dr Michael Hobbs: Creating a course-wide case study incorporating software-based learning infrastructure to facilitate authentic experiences and enhance learning outcomes for students in the Graduate Certificate of Information Technology.
  • Dr James Gong: Transforming the Learning Experience of Water Network Design.
  • Dr Jonathan Kua: Integrating Micro-credentials and Professional Industry Certifications with Portfolio-based Assessments using Constructive Alignment.
  • Dr Sergey Polyakovskiy and Maksym Slavnenko: An AI-driven feedback and assessment digital platform to improve critical problem-solving, reflection and writing skills, student learning experiences, and industry readiness.

We will be following the experiences of seeding grant recipients and create a series of case studies of their projects which we will share early next year on DTeach.

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