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DeakinAir guides

User guides

DeakinAir is Deakin’s video platform. The DeakinAir platform is based on Kaltura software.

DeakinAir allows for a lot more interactivity between CloudDeakin unit sites and the DeakinAir interface. When you upload a DeakinAir video to CloudDeakin you will be able to access basic editing functions, change publishing status, create subclips and share your videos in the unit’s Media Gallery, all from within the CloudDeakin environment.

DTeach have created a suite of resources to assist you to become more familiar with DeakinAir. Below you can find step-by-step PDF guides covering all of the DeakinAir basic features.


To make video more accessible for all individuals and those with disabilities, DeakinAir will automatically add machine generated captions. With the addition of machine captions DeakinAir now has an extra functionality. You can now order, edit closed captions in DeakinAir and disable them if needed.

Videos uploaded prior to Trimester 2 2020 will not have captions automatically added to them, but the media owner of pre-existing videos on DeakinAir can order captions if needed.

Refer to Kaltura Reach Guide for more information.

DeakinAir – Legal Disclaimer

PDF guides

Installing Kaltura Capture
New in Kaltura Capture
Uploading a video to DeakinAir
Searching for a DeakinAir video
Searching video content using captions
Using the Timeline Function in Edit mode
Using the Thumbnails Function in Edit mode
Using the Options Function in Edit mode
Creating a DeakinAir channel
Using the Collaboration function in Edit mode
Creating a sub-clip in CloudDeakin
Adding a clip to a page using ‘Insert Stuff’
Adding captions to a DeakinAir video
Kaltura Reach Guide

Kaltura user guide

Using the Video Editing Tools

Video tutorials

‘Getting started’ tutorials guide you through the platform of DeakinAir.

Within DeakinAir, you can find Kaltura Capture. It is a webcam, screen, and audio recorder which creates easy video capture in class, at the office, at home, or on-the-go.

You can access Kaltura Capture via the software centre/Self Service or DeakinAir.

DeakinAir FAQs

What is the recommended file format to upload to DeakinAir?

DeakinAir accepts all common video, audio and image formats in all resolutions. For best results with video, we recommend preparing videos in 1280×720 pixels and using the H.264 video codec at about 4000 kb/s. The file upload limit is 2GB. For optimal end-user experience you might like to consider a maximum of 20 min videos. If necessary, playlists can easily be created to segment longer video sequences or group similar subject matter.

My video failed to upload to DeakinAir. What do I do?

Check the recommended file format above. If your video is not using the correct codec, use software such as Macroplant Adapter to re-encode. If you’re uploading a huge file, please ensure that you’ve a good Internet connection. Best end-user experience will be on-campus via wired network or off-campus via ADSL. Use this site to check your Internet speed.

How do I create a playlist?

  1. Go to the video that you would like to add to a playlist.
  2. Click on the Actions dropdown and select Add to Playlist.
  3. If you wish to create a new playlist, under the Create new playlist field enter a name and click on Create.
  4. Select the playlists that you want to add the video to and click Save.
  5. The video is now added to the playlist.
  6. After you have created a playlist, it appears on the My Playlists (top right hand corner, click on your name) page where you can preview it, edit the sequence of media, select design of playlist, and grab the embed code.
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