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Panopto Launch (DeakinAir Replacement)

As of October 23, 2023, DeakinAir is being made Read-Only. Our new out of classroom solution is called Panopto Video. For more information, visit the Video@Deakin project page. For step-by-step guide on how to use Panopto, visit the Panopto Capabilities Building Resources page.

What is Panopto? 

Panopto is replacing DeakinAir as a content creation platform that enables you to create, manage, edit and share content easily. With interactive features such as quizzing, discussion and comments, Panopto can help you transform your videos from a passive to active learning experience.

What is happening to DeakinAir? 

Panopto is replacing DeakinAir as its video content management system from October 23rd for staff and students. All DeakinAir videos will still be accessible as ‘read only’ until July 2024. 

How can I access my current DeakinAir videos? 

All videos that were created or viewed in DeakinAir since July 2021, are currently being copied across to Panopto. This is part of a rolling process that will be completed in the coming months. To access your videos in Panopto, go to ‘My Folder’ and ‘Kaltura Migrations.’ Visit the capability building resources for more information. 

How do I build my capability in Panopto? 

There are a series of videos that have been designed for you to build your capability in Panopto. To access these resources, please visit Panopto Capability Building Resources.  

To support students, there is also a series of videos that have been created on the Deakin home page. To view these, go to Panopto Student Resources. 

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