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Deakin Video provides streamlined access to video content from classroom capture, including live-streaming within a single platform.

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Classroom capture allows you to record your class or seminar in selected teaching spaces.

Designated hardware teaching spaces across the University are equipped with Mediasite Hardware Recorders.
Refer to the Quick Reference Guide on how to operate the AMX touch panel within hardware spaces.

Small Classroom capture using Mediasite Catch software is designed to supplement current hardware teaching spaces, but does not replace Mediasite Hardware Recorders in larger teaching spaces.

What Will Be Captured – Small Classroom Catch software

  1. Presentations and images from the presentation computer including PowerPoint, Word document and so on.
  2. Presenter’s voice from the wireless microphone.

Note: Captured Audio will be dependant on the source that is set in the room based on the audio configuration. Audio source can not be changed within a session.

Please check the AV Inventory for your booked space.

What Will Not Be Captured – Small Classroom Catch software

  1. Document camera images.
  2. Presentations from other computers connected to the projector e.g. laptop.

Note: It is not possible to live stream the event.

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