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Deakin Video Guides

Deakin Video provides streamlined access to video content from classroom capture, including live-streaming within a single platform.

Venue Booking


The process for recordings scheduled via timetabling and Syllabus Plus has now changed.

Previously only ‘Class’ activities were automatically scheduled for recording.  All activities such as Seminars, Workshops, Practicals etc. will now be scheduled for recording in the event that the requirement for recording has been flagged with the faculty timetable staff prior to the date.

Any room that is booked through the Room Bookings page in a Deakin Video enabled venue AND opted in for recording with faculty timetabling will be booked in Deakin Video and recorded. For rooms not booked through the Room Bookings page, please schedule a recording by using the Deakin Video Booking Form indicated below. Please allow 24 hours for the automatic bookings to be created or any changes to be updated. For any urgent bookings or short notice changes, please contact IT Help.

Note: Under the Academic Timetabling Policy: Section 4 Clause (11), classes will commence on the hour and conclude 10 minutes before the scheduled finish time to allow students to vacate the room in time for the next class to begin on the hour. However, due to staff feedback, the Deakin Video recording of the session will be extended beyond this time. You will be able to pause or stop the recording at any time via the AMX panel as per normal if the session has already concluded.

Step 1: Find a Deakin Video equipped venue

  1. Go to AV Invetory web site.
  2. Under the Feature dropdown list, select Mediasite Catch Software Recorder if you wish to use in the small classroom. Select Mediasite RL220 Hardware Capture (without RiP) or Mediasite RL220 Hardware Recorder for larger venues.
  3. Click on the Search button.
  4. You’ll see a list of venues that meet your selection.

Step 2: Check with Facility Management Services for venue availability.

Step 3: Book the room through Facility Management Services.

Step 4: Complete the Deakin Video Booking Form.
Note: You need to use VPN to access the form from home.

Step 5: Accessing your recording:

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