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Deakin Video Guides

Deakin Video provides streamlined access to video content from classroom capture, including live-streaming within a single platform.


On the Day of Class
To ensure successful capture of your Deakin Video presentation:

Teaching staff should advise students that the class will be recorded before the start of class.

Hardware Recordings:

  • The recording of the class begins automatically at the start time specified on your booking form and runs for the full duration you have designated.
  • You need to use at least one of the venue microphones which include either the lectern mic, lapel mic or roving mic. The microphone must remain ‘on’ for the entire presentation for a recording to be undertaken.
  • Make sure the mute mic is turned OFF .
  • If using the lapel or roving microphone – PLEASE CHECK THE BATTERY LEVEL – change the battery if it is flat/low.
  • The Deakin Video system records the LAST SOURCE that is selected via the lectern control panel.

Refer to the Quick Reference Guide on how to operate the AMX touch panel.
Note: Training in the use of lecture theater presentation equipment is available through the Service Desk.

Small Classroom Capture (Catch Software) Recordings:

  • You must log in to the presentation computer for your recording to begin. Please see further detailed instructions below.
  • An update to the ‘Catch’ software now shows the below screen in the event you lock and unlock the presentation machine.
MediasiteCatch restart recording
  • If you select to ‘Restart Recording’, the first part of your presentation will need to be manually recovered, please contact your faculty support teams in this instance.
  • If you log out of the machine and leave the room without stopping your recording, it will be uploaded to Deakin Video when the presentation PC is next in use.
  • Presentations will remain on the machine for 14 days, if you wish to retrieve a recording, please ensure you follow up with those 14 days.


If your recording is scheduled in small classroom capture software venue, use the following steps:

Step 1: Log in

Log into the presentation workstation

Note : You must log into the presentation workstation to commence the recording. The scheduled recording will not commence until you log in.

Step 2: Verify your schedule

Mediasite Catch will open on the machine. In the event no pop-up occurs, verify whether your schedule is present in Mediasite Catch.

You can open Mediasite Catch from the application icons in the bottom right corner, alternatively search the computer start menu for Mediasite Catch.

After opening the application, you will find your schedule:

If your schedule does not appear, click Sync Schedules button to fetch.
Note: Do not use Clear Schedules. If accidentally selected, please select Sync Schedules.

Step 3: Switch on lapel microphone

Switch on the wireless lapel microphone

The wireless lapel microphone used for Small Classroom Capture is very similar to those used in larger teaching spaces. Simply remove it from the charging dock and switch it on. If you get a green light on the transmitter the unit is on.

Note: Your voice will not be heard from the speakers in the room.

Step 4: Schedule will start on time

Your Schedule will start automatically and record the session in the background. Mediasite Catch software will open for a second. The Recorder in Progress light will turn red when recording.

Otherwise, click on the application; you can see that it is recording. The ‘Upload Status’ will appear to indicate that it is uploading, however this will occur once the recording has completed.

Running late for your recording – If you reach the venue late, start the recording from the Mediasite Catch application.

Step 5: Turn off and return microphone

When the class has finished, turn the microphone off and return it to the charging dock

Step 6: Ensure your recording has finished

Ensure your recording has finished, if you have selected ‘Stop Recording’ prior to logging out of the workstation. Recording will not be saved if you log out while Catch is recording.

Note: If the unit and offering for the trimester is not available, you will need to request it by filling out the Deakin Video Booking Form. This will allow you to publish your presentations to Deakin Video. Use the following steps for software venue ad hoc recordings: Ad Hoc Recording Steps
  1. Log into the presentation workstation.
  2. Search for Mediasite Record Now application. It will open a browser.
  3. Login using your Deakin username and password.
  4. Click on Login.
  5. Enter a Title for your recording.
  6. Select Desktop Only Template.
  7. Switch on the wireless lapel microphone.
  8. Click on Begin Recording. You will see the Recording started in the application.
  9. Notes: To pause, click on Pause button and to resume recording, click on Resume button.
  10. Click Stop to stop recording. Recording will be automatically uploaded to Deakin Video to My Presentations. If you require your recording to be added to a unit site, please contact your Faculty Support Team for assistance.
  11. When the class has finished, turn the microphone off and return it to the charging dock.
  12. Logout of the presentation workstation.
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