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Deakin Video Guides

Deakin Video provides streamlined access to video content from classroom capture, including live-streaming within a single platform.

Technical Guides – Overview and Glossary


Deakin Video, powered by Mediasite, manages recorded class capture and streaming for our students and staff.

Powered by Mediasite, Deakin Video is available to use for class capture in Trimester 3, 2018.
Deakin Video provides a simple interface that allows students to access class captures and staff to publish presentations easily via CloudDeakin. Staff can also use it to view presentation analytics, interact with the audience via polls and manage quizzes. Deakin Video also features a responsive layout that adjusts to whether you are managing your presentations using your computer or mobile device.


  • Caption Editor: Allows you create captions within the editor from scratch, move and modify as required for your presentation.
  • Catalog: Allows you to distribute all of the content that is stored in a shared folder as a group of presentations. A catalog allows your viewers to browse all of the presentations you have made available there. Catalogs are automatically created and system controlled.
  • Catch: Small Classroom Capture software used to record and publish scheduled recordings, particularly in rooms with little to no A/V infrastructure. Catch functions as a desktop recording tool that can be customised to fit a recording schedule for a specific room.
  • Channel: A feature of Deakin Video which allows for the organisation of similar presentations into a descriptive channel. Channels can be shared and embedded using links and iframes. Made by you, channels are accessible within My Mediasite. Channels allow users to manually control how their content is viewed.
  • Deakin Video: combining class capture and streaming with video creation and management into one seamless system. The Deakin Video suite will be introduced gradually, beginning with a transition from our current Echo360 class capture system from T3 in 2018. New features will gradually be released culminating with the launch of the full video creation and management system, that will replace DeakinAir.
  • Mediasite: The platform beneath Deakin Video. You will see reference to My Mediasite alongside Deakin Video. This is where you can manage your own recordings and presentations, share with others and edit.
  • Mediasite Mosaic: Desktop program used to record presentations on a desktop or laptop computer using screen capture and audio/video capture devices. Available for install via the Software Centre (Win), Self Service (Mac) or via Deakin Video (Non Deakin machines). Presentations can be stored locally or uploaded to Deakin Video.
  • Module: A metatag that serves as an integration point and maps to a units shared folder.
  • Presentation: Control centre for your class recording, recording or uploaded video. It can be kept in draft, edited and deleted, you can add quizzes, presentation slides and other interactive features. Scheduled presentations are, in essence, placeholder presentation frames. This is similar to Echo recordings but created in advance before the class recording. This has all the metadata and the recording is added to it later.
  • Schedule: A collection of user-defined settings used to automate the recording and publishing process on Recorders and Catch Devices. Schedules are created in the Management Portal.
  • Shared Folder: Locations for presentations for collaboration with colleagues. Shared folders are created by the system and administrators.
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