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Deakin Video Guides

Deakin Video provides streamlined access to video content from classroom capture, including live-streaming within a single platform.

Technical Guides – Navigating Deakin Video

Screenshot of media site homepage

1. Home
Click Home to go to your homepage.
This is where you will be able to view all of the following settings and features in one place. You will also see your presentations by default.

2. More
Click the ‘User icon‘ and select one of the following items from the drop-down list:

  • My Settings: View your user profile, notifications, and presenter information settings. This information will be auto-filled based on single sign on.
  • My Content Storage Report: View the amount of storage space you are currently using.
  • Help: Access the Customer Service Portal and relevant documentation.
  • Sign Out: Sign out of the platform.

3. Add Media
Click Add Media to go to a new page where you can create blank presentations, record the desktop, upload video file, or Install Mediasite Mosaic. When using Deakin Video on a mobile device, desktop recording is not available. However, you can upload media to your presentations.

4. Quick Search
Click the ‘Search‘ button and enter a phrase in the search field to locate your presentations. Mediasite does a search against presentations’ metadata, including title, presenters, tags, etc.

5. My Presentations
Select the content you want to view:

  • Expand the My Presentations drop-down list and select one of the following options:
  • My Presentations: View all presentations that you own. This includes published presentations, drafts, presentations that have not yet been recorded, and scheduled presentations. You will also see presentations that you have approve and moderate permissions on.
  • Missed Presentations: View presentations scheduled earlier but not recorded. Missed presentations are sorted by the date they were scheduled (in ascending order). You can use MDR to record missed presentations.
  • Upcoming Presentations: View upcoming scheduled presentations by date in ascending order. You can use MDR to record upcoming presentations.
  • My Drafts: View your unpublished presentations.
  • My Video Assignments: Not currently in use

6. Channels
Channels are searchable, online collections of presentations. You can create as many channels as you want and add presentations to them. Your channels are not viewable to other users in Deakin Video. However, you can share your channels’ URLs with others. You will select a channel as your ‘favorite’ to display it in the left navigation panel for easy access.

7. Shared Folders
If shared folders are available on your Deakin Video, you can add your presentations to them. Shared folders are accessible by multiple users. In fact, any user with write permissions to a shared folder can view and add content to it. Your administrator creates shared folders and you cannot edit or delete them from Deakin Video. You will select a shared folder as your ‘favorite’ to display it in the left navigation panel for easy access.

8. Filter and Sort
Filter and sort presentations as needed:
Sort by: Select how you want presentations sorted from the drop-down list:

  • Most Recent: Display presentations so that most recent presentations appear first.
  • Oldest: Display presentations so that oldest presentations are displayed first
  • Title A-Z: Display presentations in alphabetical order
  • Title Z-A: Display presentations in reverse alphabetical order.
  • File Size: Display presentations so that they are listed by file size in descending order.

Source: Filter presentations by source type:

  • Hardware Recorder: Display only presentations recorded using hardware recorders.
  • Desktop Recorder: Display only presentations recorded using MDR.
  • Media Upload: Display only presentations that you have uploaded media to manually.
  • Any Source: Display all presentations.

9. Presentations
For each presentation:

  • You will see how many views it has and its duration.
  • Click the ‘Edit‘ button to open the presentation for editing in the Web Editor. The Web Editor will open in a separate browser tab.
  • Set the presentation’s visibility to Private or Viewable.

Only you can view your private presentations in Mediasite Player. Any user with appropriate permissions can watch viewable presentations.

10. Properties
Click a presentation’s title or thumbnail to view its properties page.

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