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Deakin Video Guides

Deakin Video provides streamlined access to video content from classroom capture, including live-streaming within a single platform.

Technical Guides – Managing Presentations

Setting Permissions

When a presentation is added to Deakin Video, the permissions are set in one of two ways:

  1. Scheduled Lecture recordings will inherit permissions from the unit catalog to which they are added to.
  2. Personal capture and uploaded media requires permissions to be added.

Lecture Recordings

For lecture recordings that have been captured via the schedule, these will be processed to the unit catalog. The presentation will then inherit the permissions of the catalog.

Catalogs are created based on the Year, Trimester, and Unit. The permissions are set to be visible to academic staff and students enrolled in the Unit, and any relevant support staff.
In the event the permissions are not inherited, please see the instructions under Uploaded media.

Uploaded Media

All uploaded media will only be viewable to the owner (the person that uploaded the presentation) and those provided with a share link. This provided a share link will be able to watch the presentation, however you will need to update the security settings if you wish to have them view the presentation details or edit the presentation content.

Making Presentations Viewable

If you would like for your presentation to be viewable to others, you will need to update the permissions.

  1. Within your presentation details, select Edit Security
  2. Under security you can select to inherit permissions from the parent folder, add assigned roles and add people and groups.To add users, untick ‘Inherit permissions from parent folder’ and in the ‘Add people or groups’ search for the user you wish to share with directly.If you would like you presentation to be viewable to all Deakin Staff and Students, add the group authenticatedusers.
    Write: To allow a user to edit/modify your presentation.
    Moderate: To allow a user to moderate a presentation (as per Q & A functionality)
    View: To allow a user to see the presentation details (such as description or links)
    Annotate: To allow a user to manage annotations on a presentation within a Channel view.
    Security Setting

In the event that the permissions have not been inherited, you can manually add these to ensure your presentation is viewable.

  • In your presentation select Edit details
  • In the Information tab, you can modify the detail of the Presentation. This includes the Category and Modules.
  • Modules places your presentation within an existing Teaching and Learning folder.
  • Teaching and Learning folders are preset and are linked to your Unit.
  • Select the correct modules for your unit (Two modules – specific to your location and to the overall trimester folder), and the presentation will appear in the catalog for that Unit. If you have linked your catalog under Resources in your Unit site, this presentation will then be available to your students.

    Add Module

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