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Deakin Video Guides

Deakin Video provides streamlined access to video content from classroom capture, including live-streaming within a single platform.

Deakin Video Presentations

Presentations that have been uploaded or created within Deakin Video are easy for you to manage. This can include managing permissions, sharing and editing presentations, and using the Web Editor.

Creating a Presentation in Deakin Video

  1. Navigate to Deakin Video
  2. Select Add Media
  3. Select from the three options:
    I want to record my desktop now
    I want to upload and existing recording
    I want to upload a file from my computer (navigate to your file)
  4. Each option will open the new presentation window. Complete the required details.
  5. In the Destination area, choose where you want your presentation to be stored.
    Store presentation in draft location: My Draft is the default destination for your presentations. Content in your draft location is only visible to you. Until you are ready to share your presentation with others or publish it, we recommend keeping it here.
    Choose a new location: Click Change to specify a new destination for your presentation. In the Destination Search dialog, select User channel or Shared Folder from the Destination Type drop-down list. Enter the name of channel or folder and click Search. Select the location you want.
  6. Click Create to create the new presentation in the specified location. All presentations are private until you set them to visible.
  7. Click home to view your Deakin Video presentations.
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