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Deakin Video Guides

Deakin Video provides streamlined access to video content from classroom capture, including live-streaming within a single platform.

Technical Guides – Channels

Creating a Channel

  1. Select Channels in the left hand navigation
  2. On the Browse Channels page, select Add Channel

3. Specify the required information and click Create Channel


4. Select which features will be available in the channel:

  • Channel Name   Enter an easily identifiable name for your channel.
  • Friendly Name –  Specify a friendly name for the channel to customise its URL. This value will replace the channel ID number in the URL.
    For example, if you give a channel ‘mychannel’ as its friendly name, the URL uses this name instead of the channel ID: URL using channel ID: ed968dc9872f456e93500b35872b334e21 URL using friendly name:
  • Channel Description – Enter a short description for your channel.
  • Top Banner Image – Browse to the image you want to use for the top banner. The recommended size of the image is 320 pixels x 60 pixels.
  • Banner Background Colour – Specify the colour you want to appear behind the top banner area.
  • Click Match Banner Image to match the background colour based the colours in the right most pixels of the uploaded banner image.
  • Top Banner Link –  Enter a URL to link the top banner to a web address. When a user clicks on the Top Banner image in the catalog, the specified web address will load in another browser window.
  • Channel Thumbnail – Select an image to appear as the channel’s thumbnail
  • Default Sort – Select the default order of videos when a user browses through the channel: Date (newest to oldest)Date (oldest to newest), or Title.

Adding to a Channel

Channels are user created locations for your presentations and you can create multiple Channels.
Channels can be used to organise presentations or you can share the Channel URL with others.

To add a presentation to a Channel:

  1. Create a presentation or select an existing one.
  2. On the presentation’s properties page, click Move To.
  1. Select Place this presentation in a Channel and select the channel you want.
  2. Click Move Presentation.
  3. You can also ‘favourite’ a Channel for easy access on your Homepage.
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