Deakin Video provides streamlined access to video content from classroom capture, including live-streaming within a single platform.

This page brings together resources on how you might design, plan and produce video content, as well as how to use the platform. It covers video creation in DeakinAir as well as classroom capture and live-streaming. It is for staff who want to create their own video content, as well as for those looking for guidance on how to work with video producers in a studio environment. It also provides suggestions and strategies on how you might encourage students to create their own video content.

Using video in teaching and learning

Designing and planning video content, including video styles and techniques

Technical guides and support

Step-by-step guides on how to best use Deakin Video’s various features and functions.

Production and presentation strategies

Tips for creating high-quality, professional content on your own or with a production team.


For help with learning design email:

For help with digital learning tools and resources

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Migration of content from DeakinAir is underway. Please contact your faculty support team for guidance on video creation and access to existing video content.