Teaching Capability Framework

How does the framework work?

The framework consists of four domains – design, deliver, enable, and lead. You can choose the domain that is most relevant for your role, keeping in mind, that many of us work across a range of these domains.

For each domain, five areas of activity, six types of knowledge and four values are considered. For each of these, the framework describes typical ways this would be demonstrated, contextualised to our vision of teaching and learning at Deakin.

The areas of activity (A1-A5) are the core activities we undertake as professionals in higher education;

  • (A1) designing units and courses,
    • (A2) teaching and supporting learning,
    • (A3) assessing and giving feedback,
    • (A4a) providing effective learning environments and (A4b) supporting students
    • (A5) undertaking scholarly teaching activities including professional learning

The core knowledges (K6) are things we need to know in order to be able to undertake these activities

  • (K1) knowledge of the discipline
  • (K2) how to teach effectively (pedagogy)
  • (K3) how students learn
  • (K4) how to use technology effectively in learning
  • (K5) how to evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching
  • (K6) quality assurance and quality control

The professional values (V1-V4) should be demonstrated in our teaching practice

  • (V1) Respect diverse learners
  • (V2) Promote participation and equality
  • (V3) Use evidence-informed approaches
  • (V4) Acknowledge the wider higher education context

Deakin Professional Standards Framework

Table 2: Alignment of the PSF, the Deakin Curriculum Framework and the Deakin Principles for Premium Learning and Teaching