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Video Note

Video Note allows you to record up to 3 minutes of video using your webcam. This feature is available whenever you see the HTML Editor within CloudDeakin. For example you may like to provide a video welcome message as a News item or video feedback for an assignment.

Note: You will need to have webcam in your computer to use this feature. For the best experience, please ensure that you do not have any other applications or tabs open when recording with Video Note.

Create a Video Note 

  1. In the HTML Editor, click on the Insert Stuff icon.
  2. Click on Add Video Note.
  3. Click on New Recording to record your video. You can record up to 3 minutes of video.
  4. Click Stop Recording when you finish recording.
  5. You can click Play to preview your video note.
  6. If you want to re-record, click New Recording.
  7. If you are satisfied with your recording, click Next. This might take a while for the video to upload.
  8. Enter a Title and Description of your video.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Click Insert. Your video is now embedded in your HTML file.
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