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Adobe Flash End-Of-Life

Adobe Flash Player will reach End-Of-Life on December 31, 2020. As a result, you may no longer be able to stream/play Echo System* recordings in your browser. You can download a recording to watch it, to obtain a copy if it is needed, and if you want to re-use this content via a different platform e.g. DeakinAir’.

Echo Decommissioning

Please note that Echo System is a legacy class capture system and it will be fully decommissioned in early 2021 (Decommissioning date TBC).

This may affect you and/or your students if you are currently linking directly to any recordings or other videos hosted on Echo System.

To best prepare for the Decommission, we ask that you:

  • Download any required recordings from Echo System and upload it to DeakinAir or DeakinVideo.
  • Replace Echo System link in CloudDeakin unit site with the link to your recording in DeakinAir or DeakinVideo.
  • Replace any links on websites or 3rd party applications that are pointing to content in Echo System to point to the new system instead.

Download a recording

  1. Click on the Echo System link in your CloudDeakin unit site.
  2. Select from a list of available recordings to view information about the recording and to access options for playback in the right pane.
  3. Click on Audio File to download the MP3 version of the audio or click on Video File to download the M4V version of the video.
    Note: Video file is not available for audio-only recordings.
  4. Click on Download media file. You will be prompted to save the file to your computer.

Note: Only the primary recording display will be downloaded.

Please contact your Faculty T&L support team if you need assistance with the above


Note: Regular updates regarding the Decommissioning will be posted on this page.



  1. When will Echo System be decommissioned?
    Echo360 will be decommissioned in early 2021 (Date TBC).
  2. Why is Echo System decommissioned?
    Echo System is a legacy class capture system which was replaced with DeakinVideo (Mediasite) in T3 2018.
  3. How do I identify an Echo System recording?
    You can identify an Echo System recording from its URL in the browser. It begins with
  4. What about my recordings in Echo System?
    All recordings in Echo System will be archived on secondary tapes as part of the decommissioning process.
  5. What about my Echo System links in CloudDeakin?
    Existing Echo System links in CloudDeakin unit sites will stop working once the service is fully decommissioned. If you want to retain an Echo recording, please download it using the steps listed on this page.
  6. How do I download an Echo recording from CloudDeakin?
    See above instructions – Download a recording.
  7. What if I need a recording from Echo System post decommissioning?
    All recordings will be archived on secondary tapes and retrieval will take a number of days.  If you require access to an archived recording, please raise a ServiceNow ticket including the following information:   
    • Recording name 
    • Recording URL
    • CloudDeakin unit site code
    • Recording date
    • Recording time

    Please note this is a manual process and retrieval or recordings may take up to 10 working days.