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‘Turnitin’ is software that has been integrated with CloudDeakin to detect text in assignment submissions that may not be original. The Turnitin Feedback Studio interface allows teaching staff to view the Originality Reports of an Assignment Submission and the GradeMark results at the same time, and toggle between the two.


Turnitin generates an ‘originality report’ that sets out the quantity and source of any text that is matched with other sources in the Turnitin database. Text submitted to Turnitin is checked against:

  • over 60 billion webpages – both current and archived versions
  • academic journals
  • many ‘online classic’ texts and some textbooks
  • papers submitted by other students anywhere in the world where Turnitin submission has been used – including submissions from previous trimesters.

Note: New file formats and sizes for submission for students (PowerPoint and Excel documents can now be submitted).

Overview of Feedback Studio
Feedback Studio
Create a Turnitin Assignment
  1. Click on Assessments and then click on Assignments link in the Navigation bar.
  2. Click New Assignment Folder. Enter the Name for the assignment.
  3. Enter a Score Out Of. The grade item is automatically added to your gradebook.
  4. Select a Due Date. This is to set the actual due date of the assignment.
  5. Add Instructions that you wish to provide to students.
  6. Add any attachments, audio, or video notes.
  7. Expand Availability Dates & Conditions.
  8. Select a Start Date: use this option if you do not want students to access a folder before the specified date.
  9. Select an End Date: use this option if you want to stop students from submitting assignments after a due date.
  10. If you have any Release Conditions and Special Access, add them here.
  11. Expand Submission & Completion.
  12. For the Assignment Type, specify if this is an Individual Assignment or Group Assignment.
  13. Select a category if you wish to organise the assignment in a category. You can use New category to create a new one.
  14. Select a Submission Type:
    • For File submissions, set the number of Files Allowed Per Submission and the Submissions rules.
    • For Text submissions, set the Submission rules.
    • For On paper submissions, set Marked as completed to one of the available options: Manually by learners, Automatically on evaluation, or Automatically on due date.
    • For Observed in person assignments, set Marked as completed to one of the available options: Manually by learners, Automatically on evaluation, or Automatically on due date.
  15. Under Files allowed per submission, you can choose either the unlimited or one file per submission.
  16. Select a Submissions option (Keep all submissions, Overwrite submissions, Only one submission allowed).
  17. To receive email notifications when an assignment is submitted, under Notification Email, enter an email address or multiple email addresses separated by a comma.
  18. Expand Evaluation & Feedback.
  19. Click Add rubric and either create and attach a new rubric or add an existing one.
  20. To display annotation tools in the document viewer, under Annotation Tools, select the Make annotation tools available for assessment check box.
  21. Click on the Manage Turnitin.
  22. Select Enable GradeMark for this folder.
  23. Select Enable Originality Check for this folder.
  24. If you wish for students to view their originality score, select Allow learners to see Turnitin® similarity scores in their submission folder.
  25. Click More Options in Turnitin.
  26. From the pop-up window, click on Optional Settings.
  27. You must select Institution paper repository for Submission settings. Note: If you are creating assignment folder for students to check their draft work, ensure that you use Do not store the submitted papers.
  28. Under the option Compare Against, ensure that you have selected all options.
  29. With Similarity Report, select Generate reports immediately (students cannot resubmit).
  30. If you wish to reuse the settings, select Save these settings for future use.
  31. Click Submit.
  32. Click Save to complete the process.
  33. Click Save and Close to complete the process.
View a Similarity Report (Unit Chair)
  1. Click on Assessments and then click on Assignments link in the Navigation bar.
  2. Click on the title of the folder that you wish to view.
  3. While the assignment is being processed, the words in-progress will be displayed. When the files have been processed, an image with a % will appear next to each submitted assignment. (The Similarity Report may take up to 24 hours to generate)Dropbox Percent
  4. Click on the coloured square to load the Similarity Report.
  5. A webpage will open requesting that users agree to the Turnitin Terms of Reference.
  6. TurnItIn Feedback Studio will launch in a new tab.
  7. Highlighted text indicates that the text has been taken from another source. To see full details, select the “Match Overview” button from the menu on the right side of the screen.
Use QuickMark Manager in Turnitin
For more information, refer to the QuickMark Manager guide.