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The Surveys tool creates surveys which allow you to monitor unit trends and opinions and assess student satisfaction. Surveys are not supported on a mobile device.

Creating surveys

Note: Steps to create Surveys are very similar to create Quizzes.

  1. Click on Setup from the navigation bar.
  2. Under Assessment, click on Surveys.
  3. Refer to Question Library to create all surveys questions. Using this method enables you to reuse questions in quizzes, surveys as well as self assessments. All points values are removed when importing questions from the Question Library to surveys.
  4. Refer to Quizzes to create surveys.

Link to surveys

If the Surveys tool is not available on the navbar, you can create an Announcement to inform your students about the survey.

  1. Under the Content field of announcement, click on Insert Quicklink icon.
  2. From the pop-up, click on Surveys and then select your survey.

Create a Report

  1. Click on the survey you have created.
  2. Click on Reports Setup tab.
  3. Click on Add Report.
  4. Enter a Report Name.
  5. Select Report Type:
    Summary Report : display aggregate data
    Individual Attempts: display each attempt individually.
  6. You can choose to immediately release a report after a survey submission, or enter a date and time.
  7. In the Release Report To, select the check box beside each role you wish to release the report to.
  8. Click Save.

View a survey report

  1. On the Manage Surveys page, select Reports from the context menu of the survey you want to view.
  2. Click on the report name.
  3. Specific the time frame.
  4. Click either Generate HTML Report to view the report in your browser, or Generate CSV Report to save the report as a CSV file on your computer.
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