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OnTrack – User tasks

To get started with creating and managing a unit in OnTrack, ensure your account is of the correct permission level.

  1. Log in to OnTrack.
  2. Select Manage Units from the Administration dropdown in the top right menu.
  3. Select Create unit button at the bottom right corner.
  4. Enter the name and unit code of the unit.
  5. After the unit is created, select the newly created unit from the list of units.
  6. Now that the unit is created, there are a number of settings which must be populated before the unit can be properly used. Please follow the steps below.

Creating a task

In OnTrack, there is no difference in how you create and edit a task. Let’s take a look at how to create a new task.

  1. Select the green Add Task button in the Task List panel.
  2. Underneath the Task List panel, you will see the Create Task panel, with the following tabs on the left hand side (from top to bottom):

    • Task Description – The general information of the task.
    • Submission Details – The submission requirements students will need to meet in for the task to become complete.
Example of how to create a task in OnTrack
  • Task Resources – The task sheet or other resources used to help students complete the task.
  • Plagiarism Detection – If enabled, the percentage similarity where OnTrack creates a warning.

Batch upload or export of tasks

In OnTrack, you can batch import or export task definitions from the same tasks page. To do this, go to Tasks tab, and on the right hand side you will find:
  • Batch Upload Task Definitions
Example of batch upload task definitions in OnTrack
  • Download Tasks
  • Upload All Tasks

View and interpret, students and task lists

Student list

The student list is an important part of OnTrack, which shows all enrolled students in a unit, information such as student class allocation, and an overview of a student’s progression through a unit.

To view all student list,

  1. Log in to OnTrack.
  2. Select the unit from the Units You Teach list, then from the top-left menu, select Student List.
  3. You will see a list of students enrolled in the unit. The list is cut at 15 students per page, with pagination running across the bottom of the page. By clicking anywhere in a list, you will be taken to the student’s profile page, which shows individual tasks status, their target grade, and burn down chart.

The student list is broken down into a number of sections:

Example of an OnTrack task list

Search bar and filter

The search bar allows you to search and filter for:

  • Student Name: The search for students with matching names.
  • Tutor Name: The students presented will belong to the tutor searched for.
  • Tutorial Filter: By selecting the dropdown on the right hand side, you will be able to apply filters such as:
    • All tutorials
    • My tutorials
    • Sort By Grade
    • Sort By Plagiarism
    • Sort By Portfolio Status

Basic information

The left hand panel lists the Student ID, and Name of each student. You can sort by Student ID or Name, and by default the list is sorted by Name, indicated by the blue triangle next to name.


The progress bar in the stats column shows a quick-view of the student’s progress through the tasks in the unit. For example in the screenshot below, student_23 has failed 25% of tasks, not started 25% and completed 50%. You can also sort by progress – an easy way to view students who are not progressing through the unit quickly enough.

Example of a progress chart in OnTrack


The flags column provides one of three icon:

  • Target Grade – Letter/s indicating the target grade, for example student_23 is targeting a credit C grade.
  • Portfolio Generated – if the Book icon is present, then the student has generated a portfolio in the unit.
  • Eye icon – If OnTrack has detected possible similarities between student work, then an eye icon will be present.


The tutorial dropdown column shows which tutorial the student is currently enrolled in. This can be easily changed by clicking the dropdown and changing the tutorial.

Action buttons

On the bottom-right hand side of the page, there are two buttons:

  1. Export CSV: Exports a CSV of the information presented including name, student ID, progress, flags and tutorial allocation.
  2. Enrol Student: Manually enrols a student into the unit.

Task list

The task list simply lists each of the tasks in a unit. To view Task list

  1. Log in to OnTrack
  2. Select the unit from the Units You Teach list.
  3. Then, from the top-left menu, select Task List.
  4. It is broken down into three panels shown below:
Example of a task list in OnTrack
  • Task List
    The first panel, located on the left hand side, is the list of tasks in the unit. Selecting a task will automatically update the shown task PDF and task details.
  • Task PDF
    The center panel displays the task sheet Pdf which will be presented to students.
  • Task Details
    The task details, located on the right panel, show the intended learning outcomes for the selected task, the description, and key information such as the task level, target date, and due date (if applicable).

Note: Task information cannot be changed from the task list. You can change from the Unit Administration -> Task tab.

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