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OnTrack – Unit statistics

There are a number of different statistics available within the OnTrack, which can be viewed at any time during a unit by the teaching staff. We will explore how to view and interpret the different types of statistics. To view all unit statistics:

  1. Log in to OnTrack.
  2. Select the unit from the Units You Teach list.
  3. From the top-left menu, select Unit Analytics.
  4. You will now be presented with the unit analytics page.

Unit statistics

The first tab provides two CSV download options:

  1. Task Completion Statistics – A breakdown of each student’s progress through the unit tasks.
  2. Tutor Assessment Statistics – A breakdown of the number of tasks assessed by each tutor in the unit (useful for calculating marking pay)

Task status statistics

Task Status Statistics provides a breakdown of each task’s status. For example in the image below, ~28% of the unit’s tasks are complete.

Track student statistics, example of one unit.

Most of the statistics can be broken down into 3 categories noted by the three-switch at the top-right.

  1. Building Icon – indicates the shown statistics are throughout the whole unit.
  2. Pencil Icon – indicates the shown statistics are throughout an individual tutorial.
Track student statistics example
  1. Chart Icon – indicates the shown statistics are broken down by task.
Task status statistics

Note: These categories apply to multiple statistics views.

Target grade statistics

Shows a breakdown of target grades chosen by students:

Target grade statistics

Task statistics

The task statistics page simply shows every student’s progress in each of the tasks. Each bubble represents a tutorial, and the size of the bubble represents the amount of students in the tutorial. The placement of the tutorial across the X axis shows which state the task is in. In the example below, most of the tasks are in the “not started” state:

OnTrack task statistics
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