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17 June 2024

Ep. 82 – The human side of tech: a conversation with Peter Auhl

In this episode, Joan Sutherland welcomes Deakin University’s newly appointed Chief Information Digital Officer (CIDO), Peter Auhl. Peter shares his journey from growing up in rural South Australia to leading digital transformation initiative, and how these experiences have shaped his leadership in technology today.

Peter discussed the challenges and opportunities of integrating technology in higher education, emphasising the importance of keeping things simple and user friendly. He highlights his commitment to creating an inclusive environment that supports both students and staff and shares his insights into his holistic leadership approach to drive innovation and improve business agility within the University.

Throughout our conversation, Peter reflects on his career and the lessons he has learned from implementing large-scale digital projects in various sectors. He highlights the critical role of collaboration and communication in successfully navigating technology in higher education, and the importance of empathy and direct engagement with the community.

As the conversation unfolds, Peter also shares personal anecdotes, such as his unique experience in opal mining, which highlight his adventurous spirit and adaptability.

Tune in to Episode 82 to gain a deeper understanding of Peter Auhl’s leadership, as he shares personal anecdotes and unique experiences that shaped him as a person today.

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