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30 May 2024

Ep. 81 – Student’s leading from the front: inside Deakin’s student TechAssist initiative

In this episode, Joan is joined by Vamika and Peni, two student participants in the Student TechAssist initiative. They discuss how this initiative empowers students to not only provide IT support to their peers, but also develop their communication skills for the workplace.

Vamika, a student studying cybersecurity, and Peni, a student in health economics, share how the program not only helps students with common technical issues like wi-fi and printing but also enhances their own communication and problem-solving skills. They highlight the importance of peer support in easing the technological challenges faced by students and how it has enriched their own learning journeys.

Through engaging stories and personal reflections, Vamika and Peni reveal the transformative power of the TechAssist program. They emphasised how the initiative has helped them build confidence, develop valuable skills, and foster a supportive and inclusive campus environment.

Listen to episode 81 to gain insights into the benefits of peer-led IT support and learn how this program can shape future initiatives.

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