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30 May 2024

Ep. 80 – Empowering students through peer IT support

In the latest episode, Joan Sutherland is joined by Megan O’Brien, Manager of Campus Libraries and Enquiry Services, to discuss Deakin University’s Student TechAssist program. They delve into why this program was initiated, and how they leveraged peer learning to assist students with basic technical challenges.

Megan emphasises that this initiative is more than just a typical help desk – it is a student-driven support system designed to address a variety of IT issues. From troubleshooting wi-fi connections on personal computers, to printer setups, the team of student assistants is well-equipped to assist their peers in navigating these initial technological barriers. She notes that the service is strategically available at the start of each trimester to ensure students are equipped to start their smooth out any potential technological snags that could hinder student connectivity.

The conversation also covers the collaborative effort required across the University to launch this initiative, highlighting the dual benefits it offers. Megan points out that the peer support model not only helps students tackle technical issues but also fosters the development of additional skills that enhance their academic and professional growth.

Listen Episode 80 to gain more insights into the Peer IT Support program and discover the key lessons learned through its implementation.

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