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14 December 2023

Ep. 78 – Reflections of 2023: the stories of educational practice

The Tales4Teaching podcast series shared insightful discussions, showcasing the ever-evolving landscape of education. In this episode, I talk you through the themes discussed this year. Each of the guests have kindly shared their thoughts, their insights and practice in relation to these themes.

We started this year talking about cybersecurity, what it means for teaching and learning teams and tips and tricks to help you in your practice. The excitement of generative AI followed; we gathered educators, experts, and students to explore what it meant to education, how it could inform our teaching and learning practice. We continued with the focus of educational practice and explored the implications of digital media in education diving into threshold concepts, and how to guide students to explore the intricate intersection of technology, society, and the environment. We also highlighted Deakin University’s commitment to cultural inclusivity and social justice in education. We heard of how it is integrated into the curriculum by challenging students to reflect on their position around cultural inclusivity. Each of the episodes highlighted how our educators are implementing educational strategies to continually evolve and foster transformative learning experiences.

Like any project, this podcast could not be done alone; a big thank you to Liza Marsh and Timothy Robinson who helped bring this podcast to the wider audience.

Listen to episode 78 to hear more about how 2023 a transformative year for higher education and the stories we shared with you.

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