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17 November 2023

Ep. 76 – The power of peer-based learning in cybersecurity education

In this episode, we delve into the ways Angela develops her resources to make an impact on future cybersecurity professionals. With a focus on authentic applications, Angela discusses the integration of work-based tools so students can learn the theoretical concepts and directly apply them. Her approach emphasises the importance of preparing students for cybersecurity jobs, teaching them how to conduct penetration tests and protect sensitive data effectively.

She stresses the importance of creating an interactive learning environment where students can collaborate on problem-solving and gain a deeper understanding of cybersecurity risks and defences. She uses peer-based learning to promote collaborative learning, encouraging learners to actively engage with the content. Her student-centric approach not only equips learners with technical skills but also fosters a culture of proactive cybersecurity practices.

Angela’s strategy reflects what is required in the workplace, preparing graduates to be job-ready upon completion. Angela’s insights offer valuable strategies for educators looking to enhance their curriculum with practical applications.

Listen to episode 76 to hear more valuable insights into how you can rethink your curriculum to promote job ready students.

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