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4 September 2023

Ep. 74 – A step towards inclusivity: embedding Indigenous knowledges in higher education

A common theme throughout this podcast from its inception has been the ways in which we embed Indigenous knowledges into higher education. In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, a continued focus toward incorporating cultural perspectives in our curriculum is increasingly critical. This episode draws inspiration from recent podcast episodes that delves into Deakin University’s approaches to embedding Indigenous knowledges into our curriculum.

In this episode, Joan explores five key themes that have been apparent in the episodes to date exploring the Acknowledgement of Country; place-based learning; critical thinking and discomfort; online platforms; and our universal responsibilities as educators. It is also recognised that this cannot and should not be done in isolation.

Implementing Indigenous perspectives is not a box-ticking exercise; it’s needs to be a critical component of developing a more inclusive and comprehensive educational experience. By taking these actionable steps inspired by Deakin University, higher education professionals can make meaningful advances towards this important goal.

The following resources are available for your reference:

Listen to episode 74 to hear more valuable insights into how you can take a step closer to inclusivity.

Access transcript.

Explore the episodes of Tales4Teaching reflected on in episode 74.

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