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21 August 2023

Ep. 73 – Bridging the gap: enhancing nursing education with Microsoft Teams

In this episode, we explore how Jamie has integrated technology for the nursing students at the National Indigenous Knowledges, Education, Research, and Innovation (NIKERI) Institute. Jamie shares how and why she chose to integrate Microsoft Teams and the benefits of using it in the nursing course.

Jamie delves into the complexities of adopting Microsoft Teams in nursing education. From fostering connection and communication to streamlining administrative tasks, the integration of this technology has transformed the learning experience. Although largely positive, Jamie candidly shares the hurdles encountered and the strategies used to overcome them, offering suggestions for others trying to achieve the same thing.

Jamie highlights although this has been a slow process, it has been an iterative one. By making small, thoughtful changes along the way, Jamie shares how she has been able to support staff and students. She discusses how she has learnt to have an appreciation of digital literacy and not to make assumptions of where students are starting from.

Listen to episode 73, to hear from Jamie about how the integration of technology can be a slow, but worthwhile experience for teachers and students alike.

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