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27 July 2023

Ep. 72 – Teaching threshold concepts through immersive learning

In this episode, we explore Toija’s passion for digital media and how she leverages her expertise to teach communication through digital media. She explores how she teaches undergraduate students in various disciplines to bring together a diverse range of perspectives, exploring how digital media influences their field such as journalism, real estate, and criminology.

In her immersive learning approach, Toija encourages critical and creative thinking that explores the role of technology in our lives, the environmental implications, privacy and societal implications. Her focus on ‘threshold concepts’ allows students to uncover the underlying complexities and gain a deeper understanding of the learning outcomes. She does this through different technology such as augmented reality and 360-degree films to bridge the gap between theory and practice. By bringing digital media concepts to life, she provides an opportunity for students to explore different perspectives, foster engagement and enable a deeper understanding of the threshold concepts. Regardless of the technology, Toija highlights that by using immersive technology, she can empower students to think critically and develop their digital literacy skills.

Toija emphasises the importance of understanding the environmental and societal impact of our digital footprint. Through the concept of media ecology, she encourages students to explore the ecology of media technologies and their implication. By delving into these threshold concepts, she can engage students in robust discussion to gain insights into the cultural, environmental, and ethical dimensions of digital media.

Listen to episode 72, to hear from Toija about the ways in which she leverages technology to create immersive learning experiences and foster critical and creative thinking to gain a deeper understanding of the impacts and possibilities of digital media.

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