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29 June 2023

Ep. 70 – Reflections on AI and keeping humans in the loop

In the past four episodes I have been lucky to gather many insights on AI and how we can use it in higher education. I’ve heard the excitement, the joy at how much easier it makes our lives, but also the hesitation. There is no doubt education as we know it has shifted and will continue to shift as we evolve education strategies.

From a teaching and learning perspective, it’s clear we must integrate generative AI effectively into our curriculum. However, there is another side to it – critical thinking, creativity, adaptability, all the human characteristics that AI simply doesn’t do. Not yet, anyway! In this episode I explore experiences with genAI and reflect on the importance of being developed hand in hand with capability, rather than in isolation.

What other skills need to develop in students to adapt to this ever-changing landscape? Join Joan as she unpacks the importance of problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, adaptability, and creativity in an AI driven world.

Listen to episode 70 to hear more valuable insights into AI in higher education, as we continue to navigate the intersection of technology and pedagogy.

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