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9 June 2023

Ep. 69 – The role of students shaping the AI landscape in higher education

At Deakin University, we share the view that ‘students are a university’s true north’ and as such it is critical that they play a role in the transformational times in higher education. We have now seen the significant impact of generative AI on our roles in teaching and learning and we are racing to keep up. So, how do we do this?

Josh articulated his vision to not merely be consumers of generative AI, but rather become actively involved to influence the policies and procedures within Deakin University. Joan highlights that students find themselves at a unique intersection of learning and hands-on application of generative AI. The dual vantage point enables them to perceive and articulate opportunities that AI offers to the academic community – from streamlining processes, to shaping course content and the learning experiences.

In saying this, shaping this landscape is not without its challenges. Rapid advancements in generative AI require constant learning and adaptation. Ethical considerations also come into play, as students, like Josh, are acutely aware of the implications of using AI and the necessity to guide its responsible use. Collaboration in this landscape is a pivotal factor in overcoming such challenges. Students, faculties, and vendors have a responsibility to open lines of communication and actively seek input from each other. From a student perspective, this means sharing their experiences, concerns, and ideas about how generative AI can be leveraged in higher education. Josh shares his experience as he feels a better sense of connection and therefore community because of his ability to contribute to roundtable discussions.

Listen to episode 69 to hear more about how incorporating students in pivotal discussions to shape the AI landscape and increase their sense of belonging and community.

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