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26 May 2023

Ep. 68 – Empowering educators to leverage AI in teaching and learning

There is a lot of discussion around how to stop students using AI to cheat versus how it can be effectively used to enhance teaching and learning. In a recent interview with ABC Radio, Assoc. Prof. Trish McCluskey highlighted that at Deakin we aren’t focussed on the surveillance of students and detection of cheating – but rather exploring how we can leverage it to prepare students for the future. In this podcast we explored how to effectively communicate the positive potential of AI to educators and students and shift the narrative from cheating to how it can be used to enhance the learning experience.

Trish talks about her experiences with using different types of AI and how she has been playing with different tools to better understand ways in which it can be leveraged in higher education. In the conversation, she highlights the importance of using AI as a tool and not as a replacement for humans and the need to equip students with the skills to work effectively with AI tools in their future careers.

Whilst most institutions are grappling with how to leverage AI, Trish suggests a multi-faceted approach involving closer collaboration between institutions, industry and governing bodies. In doing so, we would be able to design courses that prepare students to work alongside AI and harness its benefits.

Trish also highlights the need for evaluative judgement to be built into courses now more than ever. As an industry professional, you may already have the evaluative judgement to determine what is false or untrue; students however need to develop these skills as part of their higher education. Trish’s’ examples illustrate that although AI can streamline tasks and enhance productivity, there is the need for humans to evaluate the information.  

Listen to episode 68 to hear more about how you can empower educators to leverage AI in their teaching and learning.

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