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15 May 2023

Announcing the 2023 DeakinDesign Seeding Grants

We are excited to announce the recipients of the 2023 DeakinDesign Seeding Grants! The DeakinDesign principles and practices are the framework that underpins how we deliver learning and teaching at Deakin. It’s all about strategically transforming and revitalising our approach to education and establishing our distinctive model for digital education.

The seeding grants support the initiatives of teaching teams that actively use DeakinDesign to create innovative learning experiences for our students. For our 2023 application round we invited applications that focused on exploring innovative assessment practices.  

Grants were awarded to 11 initiatives from across the University. Some of the initiatives awarded a grant include web-based Augmented Reality assessment tools, a review of Innovative technology use in Event Management assessment and the development of assessment tasks linked to a jellyfish aquarium system.

Dr Mollie Dollinger, Senior Lecturer with Deakin Learning Futures who manages the program indicated the pool of applicants this year was very strong. She shared that ‘clearly Deakin University academics continue to evidence their passion for innovation in their teaching and learning practices and will continue to be at the cusp of exploring future-thinking assessment practices’.

The DeakinDesign Seeding grant recipients will also participate in a DeakinDesign Community of Practice while they deliver the bulk of their work over the next six months. Deakin staff will have the opportunity to learn more about these exciting projects through a series of presentations and published work, culminating with a Deakin symposium to be held in early 2024.

You can explore a full list of DeakinDesign Seeding Grants 2023 recipients and learn more about the DeakinDesign principles and practices on DTeach.

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