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26 April 2023

Ep. 66 – From information overload to clarity: a student’s perspective on ChatGPT in research

Generative AI is transforming education in ways that were previously unimaginable. The ongoing release of new tools highlights that their function extends beyond information retrieval, but present opportunities to enhance critical thinking. In episode 66, Supriya Roy talks to Joan Sutherland about her use of artificial intelligence in her learning and research journey.

Supriya talks about how she has used ChatGPT to gather information to speed up the research process, and discovering hidden patterns and connections that may not have been immediately obvious. This process, she says facilitates a deeper understanding of the subject matter due to new information that she is being introduced to. She encourages us to critically examine the information being provided to foster a mindset of inquiry.

In our discussion we explore the ethical use of generative AI in education, and how bias can inform the work we do. She highlights that ‘…we think, as humans, we aren’t being biased but there is no way for us to check ourselves – after all, life is not debiased – it has biases.’

Listen to episode 66 to hear more about how students can leverage generative AI to facilitate a deeper understanding of key concepts.

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