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27 March 2023

Ep. 64 – Sustainable leadership using Microsoft Teams

In today’s digital age, higher education leaders need to find new ways to create sustainable leadership. In episode 64, Dr Anne Turner, Senior Lecturer in Deakin’s School of Exercise & Nutrition Sciences, joins Joan Sutherland to talk about how she used Microsoft Teams with her teaching team to create an environment that developed effective communication within her team, fostered collaboration, shared resources and empowered team members.

Anne talks about the benefits and challenges of using Microsoft Teams to lead larger teams and the importance of empowering staff to use tools that enhance their teaching practice. She highlights that although there were challenges with the implementation of Microsoft Teams, the ability to create a Community of Practice that enables staff to share their ideas is empowering.

Anne explores how using Microsoft Teams has allowed her to create a sense of belonging and connection between peers in a team with large sessional staff numbers. Since using Microsoft Teams staff have been more vocal, growing confident in their own expertise by actively contributing to a community.

If you are a Deakin staff member and you would like to view more use cases of Microsoft Teams in teaching and learning, you can visit the Microsoft Teams use case library.

Listen to episode 64 to hear more about how you can create a sustainable leadership model using Microsoft Teams.

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