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Tales of Teaching Online Episode 60

28 November 2022

Diving under the hood at Deakin’s 2022 Learning and Teaching Conference

In episode 60 of the Tales of Teaching Online podcast Joan Sutherland speaks to Dr Lauren Hansen about Deakin’s 2022 Learning and Teaching conference and how the conference theme shapes the way we work.

The theme of this year’s conference was DeakinDesign: under the hood and explored the six practices that underpin DeakinDesign: quality, scholarship, collaboration, partnership, sustainability, and innovation. Although these practices often produce amazing outcomes, the conference was about looking at the journey rather than the destination.

Lauren talked about Professor Iain Martin, Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University, who explored the practice of innovation and the need for it to be desirable, accessible and sustainable. If it isn’t desirable, if it isn’t accessible, and if it isn’t sustainable, how can it be embedded in learning and teaching?

A standout from the conference was the keynote from Professor Phillip Dawson’s labelled ‘24 ways to address cheating’, a very timely topic that interrogated current interventions to contract cheating. His interactive format was a great example of the type of new ideas that can be found at conferences. Phill delivered his content using something that many of the conference attendees weren’t familiar with at the time – a tier list. Joan and Lauren speak about how effective the tier list was, and other ways you may use a tier list in your practice.

Lauren also speaks about a conference presentation on how artificial intelligence is being used for different purposes and the opportunities, and how we can leverage these technologies in teaching and learning. The presentation offered real insights into how we can use sustainability to implement emerging technologies into our practice.

Listen to episode 60 of the Tales of Teaching Online podcast to hear more about the key themes of Deakin’s 2022 Learning and Teaching Conference.

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