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Tales of Teaching Online Episode 56

4 October 2022

Podcasting in teaching and learning: how to effectively implement industry-based tools

In episode 56 of the Tales of Teaching Online podcast Joan Sutherland speaks to Dr. Christopher Scanlon about the different industry-based tools he is using in his teaching to give students real-world experiences.

Chris shares his experience of teaching the units Podcasting and Audio Journalism, Video Journalism, Multimedia Journalism, as well as his selection of industry-based tools to get students ready for the workforce. He emphasises the importance of authenticity in the task design and technology selection to ensure that what you are teaching and how you are teaching is useful for students when they enter their chosen industry.

He explores different tools for different purposes, from using Soundcloud to publish their work, to using Flip to engage students and give them a sense of the practical nature of the units. He also highlights there is not always a need for assessment or feedback, sometimes it is more about building skills such as the confidence to present in front of a camera. For example, using Flip at the beginning of the trimester builds the students’ confidence to create and post a video and helps set the tone for the practical nature of the unit.

Chris talks about the uncertainty some students may have when it comes to seeing or hearing themselves on camera or in a podcast. In the units, he highlights the need to reflect on this process to overcome the self-critical nature we have of ourselves.

To hear some of the students’ work directly go to:

To hear more about how you can implement industry-based tools in your teaching and learning, listen to episode 56 now.

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