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26 October 2022

New features for Mentimeter

Mentimeter is a digital polling software that enables you to interact with your students synchronously and asynchronously with live polls, quizzes, word clouds, Q&As and more. We’re excited to announce new features that are now available to Deakin staff, including new question types and collaboration with teams.

Access Mentimeter

Deakin has an enterprise-wide license for Mentimeter, so you can access all of the features Mentimeter has to offer. Mentimeter is being used extensively in teaching and learning across the University for a whole range of uses. It’s a great tool for increasing student engagement, reinforcing threshold concepts and creating more rapid feedback loops. You can also use Mentimeter to create a sense of cohort, foster self-reflection and to get students prepared for assessment.

You can access Mentimeter with your Deakin Single Sign-On and explore everything this digital polling tool has to offer.

Learn more about Mentimeter

If you are new to Mentimeter and need some additional help, feel free to review the training resources. You can learn about logging into Mentimeter with SSO, how the Mentimeter dashboard works and how to embed Mentimeter into CloudDeakin and use the tool asynchronously.

Visit the Mentimeter Help Centre if you have a question that isn’t answered on DTeach, why not ask Mentimeter directly. They have many different resources that are available for you to review and find the answer to your questions.

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