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Two staff members in the Deakin Downtown lobby

21 October 2022

Learn more about Deakin’s 2022 Learning and Teaching Conference

Registrations are now open for Deakin’s 2022 Learning and Teaching Conference. The theme of the conference is DeakinDesign: under hood and will use the six practices of DeakinDesign to explore the inner workings of successful learning experiences at Deakin. The conference will be held as a one-day, in-person event on Wednesday 9 November at Deakin Downtown. Presentations will be recorded for those who can’t attend on the day.

We spoke to conference organiser Dr Lauren Hansen about what you can expect from this year’s conference and how valuable the conference will be for staff enabling teaching and learning across the University.

Tell us about your role at Deakin.

I’m a Senior Lecturer in the Teaching Capability team in Deakin Learning Futures. Our team is responsible for strategic programs that build teaching capability across a variety of contexts at Deakin. One of the most exciting parts of our work is rewarding and recognising excellence in teaching practice, including our annual Learning and Teaching Conference. I’m responsible for managing the conference, along with the Learning and Teaching Committee and working group.

What can people expect from the Learning and Teaching conference?

The conference is a wonderful opportunity for all Deakin staff to come together and share our stories of teaching and learning, our successes, challenges, and what it takes to support and deliver the excellent teaching and learning programs here at Deakin.

This year the conference is a one-day event. We’ll be offering a range of presentations, an exhibition space where attendees can congregate and see some of the artefacts from people’s teaching practices, and we’ll be running roundtable discussions where eight to ten people can come together to explore a specific topic, pose any questions they might have, or share some work-in-progress.

Can you tell us about the theme of this year’s conference: DeakinDesign: under the hood?

Over the last few years, there has been so much change at Deakin, in the higher education sector and across the world. This year Deakin released the DeakinDesign principles and practices, a new framework that underpins how we deliver learning and teaching across the University, blending our digital capabilities with our unique campus offering.

The DeakinDesign principles outline the great learning experience we want to deliver to our students, while the DeakinDesign practices outline how we go about delivering that experience. This year’s conference will take a look under the hood of teaching and learning, with staff sharing the nuts and bolts of how they work using the six practices of DeakinDesign; Quality, Scholarship, Collaboration, Partnership, Sustainability and Innovation.

What are you most looking forward to at the conference?

We’re really excited to be hosting an in-person event this year, considering that the last few years we’ve held the conference virtually. It’s going to be great to get together in one space, have a chat over a lovely lunch and share all the great work that is happening at Deakin.

I’m also really looking forward to the roundtable discussions. I went to the 2022 HERDSA Conference and I did a roundtable discussion, and it was a really fantastic. We’re creating a similar experience this year at the conference, it’s such an approachable way for the presenters and attendees to get involved, meet people and build relationships.

Where can people learn more?

You can register to attend Deakin’s 2022 Learning and Teaching Conference through Eventbrite and visit the Learning and Teaching Conference SharePoint and access the 2022 conference program learn more and view recordings of sessions from past conferences.

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