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25 October 2022

Join the T3 pilot of the Learning Analytics for Teachers dashboard

How do we support teachers with reflective teaching practice? The Learning Analytics for Teachers (LA4T) dashboard is a web application for unit chairs that will provide timely insights about their students in a way that supports their teaching and helps build personalised connections with their students. The Learning Analytics team, which is part of the Learning Design team in Deakin Learning Futures, has expanded their trial of the LA4T dashboard into Trimester 3 and are currently seeking unit chairs to take part.

The Learning Analytics program

The Learning Analytics program at Deakin is a continual process of incremental improvement and evolution rather than a one-off effort. The program is intended to increase student success by providing unit chairs with actionable insights about their students to support learning design and teaching practice.

Over the last teaching period, the Learning Analytics team continued piloting the LA4T dashboard to test the functional and non-functional requirements of the tool. The Learning Analytics team collated feedback from multiple channels, including a series of user experience interviews with unit chairs.

Register for the T3 LA4T dashboard pilot

You are invited to participate in the upcoming Trimester 3 (T3) roll-out of the dashboard by lodging a request via by Tuesday, November 1st

The Learning Analytics team are keen to work with you to hear your feedback and experiences of using the dashboard. There will also be an MS Teams channel where you can collaborate, ask questions and share insights throughout the trimester. Your feedback will help to carry out improvements to the dashboard.

If you have any questions about the dashboard or participating in the pilot, please feel free to contact Sam Rastegari at

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