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31 October 2022

Emerging trends in higher education

In episode 58 of the Tales of Teaching Online podcast Jo Elliott speaks to the new Director of Digital Learning, Trish McCluskey about her perspectives on emerging trends in higher education.

Trish returns to Deakin University after being part of a radical transformation implementing the VU block model. This transformation was co-designed with staff and students across the university and was the first Australian university to do so at scale. Her involvement in this and other projects has informed her perspectives on emerging trends for higher education.

Whilst she acknowledges that she doesn’t have a crystal ball, Trish talks about having a ‘finger on the pulse and an eye on the horizon’ where we must do the very best for today, while we anticipate and plan for tomorrow.  To do this we must support staff and students to leverage the digital affordances we currently have to ensure they aren’t overwhelmed, but rather empowered.

Trish takes us on a journey from Web 1.0 to 2.0 and on to 3.0, discussing how these developments impact how we interact with technology. Whilst she won’t predict what is on the horizon, she talks candidly about her experiences and what she has learnt about digital technology. She explores new terminology such as digital visitors and digital residents and how the digital world is now an extension of ourselves.

Listen to episode 58 of the Tales of Teaching Online podcast for the full conversation.

Access the episode transcript

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