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A studentt pondering feedback while working on a laptop

24 October 2022

Advance HE global Impact Grant for developing AI automated feedback tool

Deakin was recently awarded an Advance HE Global Impact grant for the pilot of an AI automated feedback tool. The grant celebrates work that has a demonstrable impact on staff or students and was awarded to Laura Tubino, Lecturer, Curriculum Design (STEM), and Chie Adachi, Adjunct Professor to Deakin University, formally Director, Digital Learning within Deakin Learning Futures.

The AI automated feedback tool

The tool was developed as part of a ‘Do-Tank’ with FeedbackFruits, a Dutch edtech company. This collaboration consists of co-designing an innovative pedagogical solution to develop student feedback literacy based on their artificial intelligence (AI) feedback tool.

The aim of the initial pilot was to understand how students engage with the tool and its efficacy. Understanding what affordances students act on served to inform the refinement of the tool and its framing, so it can further scaffold students’ feedback literacy. The pilot project ran across three teaching periods on a total of 29 units, reaching more than 4,000 students from 2021 to 2022.

Continued success

Almost every unit involved in the pilot has continued using this tool after trialling it. There is also great interest from unit chairs on using this tool in their research and providing access to it to their HDR students. The student facing version of the tool, which the Digital Learning team proposed and co-designed, is very close to being released at Deakin.

Learn more

Details of the pilot have been presented in the case study that was awarded the Global Impact grant for Student Success and can be accessed on the Advance HE website.  

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